Scenarios och laddbilar - ett samtal om projektet SEVS

Podcast - scenarioplanering och laddbilar.

Samtalet handlar om erfarenheter och slutsatser från projektet SEVS

Knowledge Sharing in an Open Innovation Collaboration A Case Study of the SEVS Project Master’s Thesis

Erfarenheterna av projektet finns också dokumenterat i detta examensarbete från Chalmers

SEVS phase 2 - Results and publications

About SEVS

SEVS, Safe Efficient Vehicle Solutions, is a strategic explorative project addressing the need for new tools and capabilities to analyse complex societal and technological challenges – specifically regarding the future transport system.

The SEVS Way - the methodology

A strategic analysis methodology to handle societal and technological complexity - a handbook containing both the results from the strategic explorative project SEVS phase 2 as well as the methodology that was developed in parallell.

FFI Final report - SEVS 2 English

FFI Final report - SEVS 2 Swedish

Final report to the FFI.

EV-Market in Norway TOI/Bisec in corporation with SEVS

The Norwegian Electrical Vehicle (EV)-policy, with its many incentives and the establishment of Transnova, a government body giving financial support to the establishment of public charging facilities, have made it possible for consumers to buy EVs and reduced the barriers for E-mobility. Norwegians were ready to buy EVs when the big automakers launched their models into the Norwegian market. The share of EVs in the new car market in Norway is the largest in the world.

SEVS phase 1 - Results and publications

SEVS 1 - Scenario broschure

Future scenarios and virtual vehicle study.

EEVC Brussels, Belgium, October 26-28,2011

Article about SEVS scenarios